Full Service Martial Arts Billing and Consultancy

For over forty years, EFC have been helping the owners of Martial Arts Schools and Leisure Clubs to expand their business. With a modern billing software system, and trained staff on call to assist you with every aspect of running your business we can be there every step of the way on your path to success.

The Key to running a successful school is Student Service

With our modern office and highly trained staff, we handle your students' billing queries professionally and we give your students the same patience and respect as you would yourself.

With the task of dealing with day to day billing queries and enrolment administration handed over to the EFC, you can dedicate yourself 100% to providing a fantastic service to your students.

We can help with any size of school

We have welcomed schools with a handful of students, and schools with hundreds. No matter your situation we will be here to help you run the school of your dreams.

As an EFC member, we can handle all of your collections, contacting late payers, sending welcome letters and dealing with any paperwork and banking matters for you. This allows you to focus all of your energies on running a first-class School rather than sitting in an office dealing with paperwork.

Our highly trained staff are on call to handle any membership queries from your students via telephone, e-mail or letter. Because we are specialists in Martial Arts schools and leisure clubs, we know the best way to handle issues and provide a service tailor made to the industry.

All you have to do:

As an EFC client all you have to do is arrange for your students to complete and sign a Direct Debit Mandate and an agreement form which we will provide to you and on receipt of these we will do the rest.

Agreements are entered on our database on the day they are received and you will be able to track all of your student accounts on our real time client web site ‘Aquila Connect’ in real time on your computer or mobile devices.

Payment to you:

At month end we will issue a comprehensive report to you detailing the fees we have collected during the month and the full amount collected less our commission will be paid directly to your account. This will ensure that you have a consistent monthly income, which is essential for any business to operate profitably.

As an EFC Client you will be assigned an AE (Account Executive) who will monitor your account, effectively becoming part of your team. Your AE will rapidly follow up on a default payments, keeping you advised of progress.

Whilst communicating with students your AE will always work in the best interests of your school, reminding students of the values and benefits of your programs.

Meetings and Seminars

We hold regular meetings where you can learn cutting edge business development ideas from top school owners. Our Annual International EFC Summit is attended by nearly a thousand school owners every year and it is an essential opportunity to learn from the best business people and school owners in the martial arts field.

Support materials

Your Account Executive will notify and remind you about EFC events and meetings, as well as helping you to use the EFC on-line services and support material, which includes Audio CDs, Graphic CDs, Eagle Express magazines and a library of on-line materials.

EFC Connect

Your Account Executive will also connect you with any resource, networking relationship, or martial arts support materials you may need, either directly or via our email help service EFC Connect.

All EFC Members have free access to Aquila Connect, an online software package that provides real-time details of your members, payment information, contacts, and other key information.
100% Web-based, you can access it from any computer or mobile device with a browser, 24 hours a day.