Martial Arts Billing, Marketing & Consultancy

Established in 1967, EFC was the first Martial Arts Billing Company. We have adapted to the changing needs of our clients over the years, and today we are able to offer a first class, modern Billing System for our clients, and tap into the vast experience gained over the past 40 years to give you the knowledge and support required to run a truly successful Martial Arts School.

Membership Fee Collection

We collect your student membership fees by Direct Debit, usually monthly but we can collect on the schedule you desire. Our professional staff will handle all billing queries from your students, freeing you up from the back office so you can dedicate your full attention to running great classes.

All calls are logged, and you can check the status of your students in real-time using our website software.

Marketing & Business Consultancy

On joining the EFC, you will be assigned your own personal Account Executive. They will monitor your requirements, and provide advice and support. Our staff are all highly trained in the best way to run a professional Martial Arts School, and will provide ideas and strategies that will generate new leads and help you retain existing Students.

You will also have access to the EFC University, an online database of materials, inspirational videos and tutorials created by some of the most successful Martial Arts School owners in the UK and the world.

Networking, the EFC Global Community

EFC has a worldwide community of School Owners stretching back over forty years. Through our many regional meetings and International Summits you will meet some of the greatest minds in Martial Arts.

At EFC we believe "the rising tide lifts all boats". Our clients are eager to share new ideas, and mentor new EFC clients. We will arrange regular calls with top UK school owners who will provide insight into running your classes and keeping students interested.

Any questions you may have can also be answered through "EFC Connect," a system of distributed Q&A where your questions will be answered by experts in the UK and beyond.

EFC is like a family of Martial Artists. Many lifetime friendships have been forged through our meetings, and you can be assured of a warm welcome from the community.

What does it cost?

There are no joining fees to pay to join the EFC, and no fixed monthly cost. All we charge is a commission of 3 to 6 percent on payments collected. We even give you the first three months of membership fee collections for free.

As an EFC member, we can handle all of your collections, contacting late payers, sending welcome letters and dealing with any paperwork and banking matters for you. This allows you to focus all of your energies on running a first-class Martial Arts School rather than sitting in an office dealing with paperwork.
EFC have been working with Martial Arts School owners for over 40 years. We have developed innovative new systems that help schools attract more leads, build great retention, and give you the confidence to increase revenue. We have helped small clubs running out of village halls grow into huge clubs with their own premises, and become a valued part of the local community!
All EFC Members have free access to Aquila Connect, an online software package that provides real-time details of your members, payment information, contacts, and other key information. 100% Web-based, you can access it from any computer or mobile device with a browser, 24 hours a day.